My name is Pete Aldin and I consider myself a writer.


If we writers are inspired by a “muse”, then mine must be the laziest bugger to ever hang around us humans! The “serious” nonfiction side of my writing is beginning to take off with articles published in business and parenting mags, an e-book beginning to sell from my business site, the first book proposal beginning to take shape and my contributions to 5 other blogs (if blogging is really writing)- all humming along nicely.

But my past and present are littered with unfinished literature. Half-finished Sci-Fi and Fantasy manuscripts fill folders on my PC. Notebooks with elaborate plot structures and the maps to half a dozen worlds fill a desk drawer. New ideas constantly fly into my brain and start tapping at it like deranged woodpeckers…

And yet, I’VE never seem to finish any. Sigh.

So, my lazy muse, I relegated you to HOBBY. I imprisoned you in a BLOG. These twin indignities seem to have finally prompted you to help me finish one of the many many ideas which float around my head, as you adorn this quiet corner of cyberspace. I AM NOW NEARING COMPLETION OF MY NOVEL’S FIRST DRAFT WITH THE HELP OF A WRITING COACH; I AM OVERCOMING THE LAZINESS OF MY MUSE!

And for the reader, I welcome you. And hope to bring you even a moment’s entertainment.

May the Force help you live long and prosper…

…sorry …



  1. Isaac Asimov wrote loads of short fascinating, science fiction stories. He is the best sci fi maestro of all time. Towards the end of his stories Asmiov reveals startling news which adds a new dimension thrilling readers no end. Isaac Asimov’s short stories were published in sci fi magazines of the time etc and are available today, reproduced as a single book under the name “Isaac Asimov – Robot Dreams” Maybe you could do something like this Pete.

  2. thanks, spacer. i definitely should pick up on this, and I think i’ll keep tinkering with “lifeboat” with a view to that. now i’m getting all serious and hired a coach to help me write my novel, maybe a short story in Analog could be a first step to publishing. good suggestion!

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